Greek Gift Guide

This year we’re curating a special list– and will be adding to it regularly, with unique, Greek-inspired gifts that might help you with your shopping list.

Please check back regularly as we’ll be adding to this list as we find more, unique products.


How’s weather in Malia? Still awesome!

Crete stands in the south end of Greece, right at the center of Mediterranean sea.

What a blessed region!
The weather is still fine and it will continue so
and we at the Red lion are busy.

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Our video

Last year, our first professional Red Lion video was out! Fresh! and reflecting our spirit!
Thank you NicPa productions, that was great!
People keep talking about it!

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Whether you were a one time guest or a returning visitor
or even a “crying, begging to return in Malia” person …

… Thank you for visiting the Red Lion.

We would like to stay in touch with you.
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With best regards,
The Red Lion team.

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Shopping, working or just keeping in touch
– you can do it all, FREE,
in the comfort of the Red Lion.

You can enjoy high-speed Internet connection here.
Simply switch on your Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, PDA or phone and select  red lion – free wi-fi

Live sports

Watch all major sports live!




Twenty T.Vs, a big screen and a special designed

sports room

to enjoy live sports
in the right atmosphere,
with surround sound and HD picture quality.

Red Lion – Lyoness loyalty cash back card



“Red Lion Gastro pub & restaurant”, in order to give value to your money, introduces you the Lyoness Cashback Card, by taking the loyalty card of Lyoness Shopping Community for free and get money back from your purchases.

First of all, you get back immediately 4% Cashback from your purchases from our restaurant, but also you get money back from your everyday  transactions in the 40,000 contracted companies with Lyoness in 46 countries all over the world.

Get the Lyoness Cashback Card  from our restaurant or on line, just by fill in your name, e-mail, cell phone number and address.

After the end of this procedure, you will get an sms in your cell phone that certifies your Lyoness benefits from Red Lion Gastropub & Restaurant.

You can also check your transactions from Lyoness website: by using the username and password that you just received in your cell phone.

P.S. In your online Lyoness office you can put your bank account whenever you want, in order Lyoness Shopping Community transfers your money back from your purchases.

P.S. 2 With your PIN provided by Lyoness in your cell phone, you can use it for your on line shopping via Lyoness e-shops.

More info:

Apply for the Red Lion – Lyoness Cashback card to get extra  10% off your bills from Red Lion, as well as your cashback benefits.

Online Red Lion - Lyoness card application



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