Our own craft beers

Our Beera

Brewing our own recipes of 4 different craft beers,
2 kinds of bottled beer - Pilsner & Weiss - and 2 on draught - Hazy & Dunkel Weiss.
‘Beera’ in Greek literally means beer.
But the story behind the name is that bee
is the symbol of Malia* and
honey is an ingredient used in all of our Beera recipes.
We then added the last two letters R and A
from our restaurants here in Malia (Red Lion & Avli)
where you can exclusively enjoy our BEERA!



6,5 % ABV

Our fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurized craft beer, with a cloudy appearance. Full bodied with notes of ripe citrus.

Available in 330 ml glass / 500 ml  pint / 3 lt beer towers




5 % ABV

Unfiltered, unpasteurized dark brown wheat beer. Full bodied with a solid head and a refreshing finish.

Ingredients: Water, caramelized malt, roast wheat, barley, rye, hops, yeast

Available in 330 ml glass / 500 ml  pint / 3 lt beer towers




5 % ABV

Fresh, unpasteurized craft Pilsner.

Full bodied, light flowery aroma with just a hint of fruit. Excellent palate – crisp with moderate amount of hops, light straw and earthy. Long duration aftertaste.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops, yeast

Available in 1 lt bottle / 330 ml glass / 500 ml glass



5,6 % ABV

Fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurized craft wheat beer. Made with Cretan passion and local ingredients.

Ingredients: Water, malted wheat, malted barley, hops, yeast, peppermint, basil, black pepper, allspice, honey.

Available in 330 ml / 500 ml bottles

* Our label was inspired by this famous pendant,
which dates back to the Bronze Age (1800 - 1700 BC).
It is an amazing and very detailed example of Minoan art:
It represents two bees which store a drop of honey in a cell.
It was found in the cemetery of the old palace at Chrysolakkos,
outside the Palace of Malia, the third largest Minoan palace.

Order a BeeRA sampler and try our 4 craft beers
in 200 ml glasses