Celebrating 20 years of operation…

with more beer!!

This year we have added a large number of bottled lagers, pilsners and ales in addition to our 6 barrels of draught.

One could say we will have a beer feast this year!

From Greek microbreweries

VOREIA CRAFT | Pilsner – 5% vol. – 330 ml | See more …
NOTOS GOLD CRAFT | Lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml | See more …
SOLO AMERICANA CRAFT | Pale ale – 6% vol. | See more ...
VOLCAN BLONDE | Pilsner – 5% vol. – 330 ml. | See more …
ZEOS BLUE | Lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml | See more …
ZEOS GOLD | Pilsner – 5% vol. – 330 ml | See more …
ZEOS WEISS | Weiss beer – 5% vol. – 500 ml | See more …

From Greek breweries

FIX HELLAS | Lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml
FIX Dark | Dark Beer – 5,2% vol. – 330 ml
MAMOS | Pilsner – 5% vol. – 330 ml
ALFA | Lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml

International labels

Lager – 5,2% vol. – 330 ml
BUD (U.S.A.)
Pale lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml
CORONA (Mexico)
Lager – 4.6% vol. – 355 ml
Lager & tequila – 5,9% vol. – 330 ml
PAULANER (Germany)
Weiss beer – 5,3% vol. – 330 ml
Ale – 4% vol. – 500 ml can
KILKENNY (Ireland)
Red ale – 4.3% vol. – 330 ml
Lager – 4,6% vol. – 330 ml
DUVEL (Belgium)
Golden ale – 8,5% vol. – 330 ml
Premium pilsner – 5% vol. – 330 ml
Wheat beer – 5% vol. – 330 ml
AMSTEL (Netherlands)
Lager – 5% vol. – 330 ml
AMSTEL RADLER (Netherlands)
Fruit beer – 2% vol. – 330 ml
AMSTEL FREE (Netherlands)
Alcohol-free lager – 0% vol. – 330 ml

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We are not sure whether BBQ was created for beer

or beer for BBQ

Following this motto, beer has a special place in our menu

with seven draughts and a wide range of bottled lagers and ales,

from the Greek microbreweries along with well known labels from abroad to

take off the BBQ experience

See our beers, ciders and RTD

See our SMOKEHOUSE menu

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Proud to join tripadvisor ‘s Hall of Fame

We are honoured to join TripAdvisor ‘s

Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Because you’ve earned a Certificate of Excellence every year for the past five years,
we’re pleased to announce that
The Red Lion Gastropub and Restaurant
has qualified for the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame.

Along with our yearly Certificate of Excellence for the 2018, 2019
for six consecutive years now – seven in fact, including 2013 – as is our presence in tripadvisor

We are happy and honoured to see our effords pay

and your good opinion for us that led us to become

#1 restaurant in Malia

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Our video

  • 1999

    The begining

    The begining

    May 1, 1999

    It all started in 1999 when we first opened a small pub where guests would enjoy beer, breakfast and a little choice between snacks and main meals.

  • 2004

    2004, 2005

    2004, 2005

    June 1, 2004

    Best Restaurant in Malia
    by Malia Greecemonkey Awards
    (malia.co.uk now)

  • 2009

    in 2009

    in 2009

    May 1, 2009

     Ten years later in 2009 we upgraded our place to a gastropub and restaurant emphasizing on fresh, homemade food from scratch, with the most popular local and international dishes.

  • 2011

    in 2011

    in 2011

    May 1, 2011

    … We have already introduced our BBQ combo offers, the Curry club and the cocktail ‘fish bowls’

  • 2013

    2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,2020

    2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,2020

    June 1, 2013

    • TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence

    • Among the first three positions in TripAdvisor in “Restaurants in Malia” and “International cuisine – Malia” categories.


  • 2014



    May 1, 2014

    Tapas season!

  • 2016



    July 6, 2016

    Our first professional Red Lion video was out!

    Fresh! and reflecting our spirit!
    Thanks to NicPa productions, which did a great job!
    People keep talking about it!

  • 2019



    June 1, 2019

    hall of fame


    TripAdvisor  Hall of Fame award 2015-2019





    ‘Eagles of gastronomy’ 2019 GOLD WINNER

    #1 of 154 pubs & bars in Malia  in Restaurant Guru

  • 2020



    June 1, 2020

    No 1 of 96 places to eat in Malia in TripAdvisor ranking
    No 1 from 15 restaurants in TripAdvisor’s International cuisine – Malia category
    No 1 from 88 restaurants in TripAdvisor’s Restaurants – Malia category
    ‘Best of the Best’ traveler’s choice 2020 in TripAdvisor



    “BEST BURGERS” in Malia
    and “Best pub & bar” in Malia
    by Restaurant GURU



     ‘Eagles of gastronomy’ 2020 GOLD WINNER


  • 2020



    August 1, 2020

    Beer – love – and – barbeque

  • 2021



    June 1, 2021

    Greece prestige award

    The Corporate Livewire Greece Prestige Awards

    During the awards process, over 100,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and subscribers were invited to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas. Additionally, the research team has put forward a selection of firms which they felt were deserving of recognition.
    We have been picked as the 2020/21 winner in the category Bar & Restaurant of the Year. 


Our first professional Red Lion video was out!

Fresh! and reflecting our spirit!
Thanks to NicPa productions, which did a great job!
People keep talking about it!

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Shopping, working or just keeping in touch
– you can do it all, FREE,
in the comfort of the Red Lion.

You can enjoy high-speed Internet connection here.
Simply switch on your Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, PDA or phone and select  red lion – free wi-fi

the Red lion wins 2021 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

Red lion’s great Diner Reviews

Earn it a Place Among Travelers’ Favorites in Greece.

Malia, Crete – 28 Jul 2021 The Red lion bar and restaurant today announced it has been recognized as a 2021 Travelers’ Choice award winner for Restaurants.  This achievement celebrates businesses that consistently deliver fantastic experiences to diners around the globe, having earned great traveler reviews on Tripadvisor over the last 12 months. As challenging as the past year was, the Red lion stood out by continuously delighting visitors.

“We are delighted to receive this award

and I would like to congratulate the dedicated team

who work tirelessly to provide

exceptional service to our customers.” – M. Paragioudakis


“Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 Travelers’ Choice Awards,” said Kanika Soni, Chief Commercial Officer at Tripadvisor. “I know the past year has been extremely challenging for tourism businesses. What has impressed me is how businesses adapted to these challenges, implementing new cleanliness measures, adding social distancing guidelines, and utilizing technology to prioritize guest safety. The Travelers’ Choice Awards highlight the places that are consistently excellent – delivering quality experiences time and time again even while navigating changing customer expectations and new ways of working. Based on a full year of reviews from customers, this award speaks to the great service and experience you provided guests in the midst of a pandemic.”

To see diners’ reviews and popular dishes or facilities of the Red lion visit https://bit.ly/2Y900QB

About Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform*, helps hundreds of millions of travelers each month** make every trip their best trip. Travelers across the globe use the Tripadvisor site and app to browse more than 878 million reviews and opinions of 8.8 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines and cruises. Whether planning or on a trip, travelers turn to Tripadvisor to compare low prices on hotels, flights and cruises, book popular tours and attractions, as well as reserve tables at great restaurants. Tripadvisor, the ultimate travel companion, is available in 49 markets and 28 languages.

The subsidiaries of Tripadvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRIP), own and operate a portfolio of travel media brands and businesses, operating under various websites and apps, including the following websites:

www.bokun.io, www.cruisecritic.com, www.flipkey.com, www.thefork.com (including www.lafourchette.com, www.eltenedor.com, www.bookatable.co.uk, and www.delinski.com), www.helloreco.com, www.holidaylettings.co.uk, www.housetrip.com, www.jetsetter.com, www.niumba.com, www.seatguru.com, www.singleplatform.com, www.vacationhomerentals.com, and www.viator.com.


*  Source: SimilarWeb, September 2020

** Source: Tripadvisor internal log files


Corporate Livewire Greece Prestige Award

We are more than pleased to announce that the Red lion bar and restaurant in Malia, Crete has been awarded the Prestige award in the category Bar & Restaurant of the Year.

During the awards process, over 100,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and subscribers were invited to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas. Additionally, the research team has put forward a selection of firms which they felt were deserving of recognition. The judging panel base their decisions upon areas such as service excellence, quality of the product/ service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance.

We have been picked as the 2020/21 winner in the category Bar & Restaurant of the Year.

We are delighted to receive this award and I would like to congratulate the dedicated team who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Our own fresh lager

Our craft lager

is a fresh, unpasteurized, unfiltered lager type beer

Produced in limited quantities and exclusively for us by a local microbrewery (Notos Brewery, Heraklion).
A high quality lager beer, brewed from selected ingredients according to our own recipe, with a traditional brewing method, mixing the right proportions and the right aromas.



Our label was inspired by this famous pendant,
which dates back to the Bronze Age (1800 - 1700 BC).
It is an amazing and very detailed example of Minoan art:
It represents two bees which store a drop of honey in a cell.
It was found in the cemetery of the old palace at Chrysolakkos,
outside the Palace of Malia, the third largest Minoan palace.

covid measures

COVID-19 measures of property

UPDATE 16/7/2021

From 16/7 until at least 31/7, always following the state instructions and precautions against covid-19, our customers caring a vaccination certificate can be served at our indoor tables.

Additionally, the necessary distances and precautionary measures applied are still valid.

Dear friends and customers

We are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience through our delicious food, unmatched service, and incredible hospitality. Even though some circumstances have changed, our devotion to you has not. We want you to know some of the steps we have taken to provide you with a worry-free dining experience and ask that you join us in helping to make our establishment a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and your fellow guests.

Meeting or exceeding national, local and regulatory guidelines relating to social distancing, capacity, sanitation and hygiene:


  • In combination with the planned daily cleaning, all areas inside and outside our restaurant are generally sanitized.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces every night and cleaning and sanitizing common areas and surfaces regularly throughout the day.
  • Tables and chairs have been rearranged, increasing the distance between them and restricting the number of visitors per square meter.
  • All our indoor areas are equipped with certified air sanitizers effective against 99.9% of all viruses as well as covid and bacteria.
  • Always providing clean, sanitized utensils and flatware for every guest.
  • Clean and sanitize tables and chairs after every use.
  • We have digital menus if you want to avoid our printed ones.
  • We provide sanitizer / gloves if you wish to use our printed menus.
  • Antiseptic liquids, gloves and masks have been placed in various spots inside the restaurant for hand disinfection, both of the staff during their work (serving, money management, movement within the premises, etc.) and of customers.
  • We follow strict personal hygiene measures for all staff, which include frequent hand washing and hand disinfection with an alcoholic solution.
  • We follow the instructions given by the Health Organization for the use of protective equipment (gloves, masks, face shields) depending on the work area of each employee. Our staff is constantly trained to the measures and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We have placed signs and markings to delimit the distance inside the store in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • Sanitation stands outside our toilets equipped with free masks, gloves, and hands sanitizer
  • We support contactless orders and transactions.
As far as you are concerned:
  • Please keep necessary distance according to signs.
  • There are antiseptic stands with gel, gloves and masks if you want to use.
  • We recommend the use of our digital price list to order and the use of a card (debit / credit) instead of using cash for payment.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, as we ramp up with all the changes!

Home dry aged beef steaks

What is dry aged beef?

When you see a side of beef hanging dry-aging, let's face it: it's not looking delicious. You wonder: "is it safe? Why won't it rot?" And lastly: "should I pay more for that beef?"

Almost all beef used to be dry-aged. In the past, beef was slaughtered in a central area with good proximity to roads or ports and then it was shipped, whole and hanging, around the country to skilled butchers closer to the final point of sale. By the time it arrived it was "aged".

Two technologies changed all this: "Cryovacing" - the process of removing all air from a plastic bag and sealing it - and refrigeration. Centralized slaughter became centralized meat packing. Now beef is packed in plastic bags and boxed very soon after slaughter (2-4 days) then shipped in trucks and "aged" in the bag, aka "wet-aging".

Very fresh meat is actually very tough and stringy. This is the reason that beef is aged. This is a process that tenderizes the meat and helps enhance the flavor. It used to be that beef would be hung in a cold room allowing enzymes that occur naturally to break down the fibrous muscle tissue and therefore tenderizing the meat. For a more expensive by very tasty steak, the dry aging process is used. For mass beef production it seems that meat processors opt now for wet aging. This isn't a process that improves the flavor or texture, but rather a money saving option.

At the red lion we take care of our steaks
starting from the quality of beef we acquire,
and then dry-age them 'at home'
to have full control of the quality served.

In the dry-aging process, approximately 20-30% of water weight is lost as the meat hangs in a cold room. This creates a densely flavored (less water to dilute flavor) extremely beefy and tender piece of meat. The outer layer of fat and meat, which has acted as a barrier to bacteria, is carefully cut off before the meat is placed in the case.

It carries a high price tag for a few reasons. First, the market paid for a wet carcass, and now have less meat to sell. Next, it has to be handled, stored, rotated, and processed by an expert. That takes money. And lastly, it tastes better than other beef. To many customers, it is worth the price.

The way that beef is treated and maintained before it ends up on your plate really does affect the overall taste.


  • Carcass is drained of all toxins during the dry ageing process

  • Intensified flavour

  • Superb texture

  • Breaks down the connecting tissue in the muscle

  • Meat is prepared in a carefully controlled environment


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Greek and Mediterranean dishes

Enjoy the best of Greek and Mediterranean food.
Souvlaki, gyros, mousaka, kleftiko, kebab, calamari, fresh fish and pasta, all cooked traditionally with fresh local ingredients.

    • Greek & Mediterranean



      Thinly sliced chicken with tzatziki, lettuce, onions and tomatoes rolled up in a flour tortilla and served with fresh chips and more tzatziki to dip in.




      Thinly sliced chicken Gyros served with warm pita bread, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and fresh chips.




      Marinated chicken chunks with Greek herbs and spices, skewered with onions and peppers and grilled to perfection. Served with warm pita bread, tzatziki, fresh chips and dressed salad garnish.



      A traditional salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sliced onion, green peppers, Kalamata olives, lettuce, local Feta cheese and oregano & olive oil dressing.




      The local favourite. Served with warm pita bread slices.



      Lightly coated in flour and served with tartar sauce and lemon wedge.



      Fresh, oven baked, lightly seasoned and drizzled with olive oil & lemon dressing.Served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.



      Cooked in traditional saganaki sauce,with garlic, tomato, Feta cheese and ouzo. Accompanied with aromatic Basmati rice.



      Lightly flour coated and deep fried, served with fresh chips and tartar sauce.

    • Pasta




      Spaghetti bound in garlic, basil and fresh tomato sauce.




      Our beef Bolognaise made in a garlic, basil & fresh tomato sauce, tossed with spaghetti.




      Macaroni pasta cooked in a rich Cheddar, Parmesan & Mozzarella cheese sauce and baked in the oven.

      *Add chicken or bacon for a small charge



      Spaghetti tossed in a creamy bacon, cheese and garlic sauce.

    • pizza-style flatbreads


      Thick dough fully loaded and stoneoven baked

      MARGHERITA FLATBREAD / The classic; with our zesty pizza sauce, RL'ssignature five cheese blend and fresh basil. (V) for 6,00 €

      B.B.Q. CHICKEN FLATBREAD / Topped with our hickory smoked B.B.Q. sauce, RL's signature five cheese blend, tender grilled chicken and crispy bacon for 7,80 €

      PEPPERONI EXTREME FLATBREAD / Zesty pizza sauce and RL's signature five cheese blend and three different styles of pepperoni: sliced, diced and julienned for 7,80 €



Travelers’ top tips to pack smart

  • Pack light to travel light. If you can manage with a carry-on, do it. Try taking half of the things you need and twice the money. You can make buying a few new items a fun part of the adventure.
  • Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. These can come in handy on a plane, train or in your hotel room.
  • Capitalize on empty suitcase space. Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. Stuff socks, underwear, and accessories inside of shoes. Leave no space unused.
  • Keep a sarong or pashmina in your carry-on. They can be used as a blanket on the plane, a scarf if it’s cold or a shawl on an evening out.
  • Bag it. Kitchen sandwich bags can be used to hold your accessories, vacuum pack bags can be space savers, and trash bags have multiple uses (laundry bag, shoe covers).
  • Skip airport snacks and bring your own. You can save yourself a bit of money and keep your hunger at bay in case you have a delayed flight.
  • Create compartments. Two words: packing cube. If you are visiting more than one city during your trip, packing cubes will keep your suitcase organized and save you from having to pack and unpack.
  • Share your packing space. Traveling as a couple? Split your clothes between two suitcases on the off chance one of them gets lost during the flight.
  • Bring a multi-socket extension cord. Although newer hotels have USB ports in rooms, it’s best to have an extra outlet to charge all of your electronics at once.
  • Make photocopies before leaving home. If you’re traveling out of the country, make two photocopies of your passport. Use your smartphone to take pictures of your car in the airport’s parking garage and do the same for your luggage and its contents in case it gets lost.

As seen on TripAdvisor.com

Holidays in Malia?