Over the past few years, we have moved towards a zero waste philosophy. We encourage the redesign of resource life cycle so that most of our products get reused or recycled. We spend a lot of time monitoring our waste and find ways to use it to our advantage. There is always some need for every piece of scrap, no matter how small it might be. No glass jars or cans go into our waste. They all end up at the local recycling bins or get reused. 

Also 2/3 of our waste end up in our composter and not a dump landfill. Organic materials not used properly, thrown under garbage with the lack of oxygen there produce methane gasses which are dangerous and increase the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is avoided when organic materials are composted, providing us with organic nutrients for our cultivations. This natural process takes place in our farm doing our part to reduce our carbon foot print. We are focused on reducing waste as much as possible and then diverting any remaining waste toward recycling and composting environments. To accomplish this we incorporate three major tactics:

Eliminating Non Recyclable or Compostable Waste.

Using most of our own products coming from our farm-situated in ‘Vitsilia’ area in Malia, only 10 minutes from our restaurant. We fully control all stages of cultivation and transportation of our materials. We grow our products completely organic and we transfer them in our kitchen daily only a few minutes after picking. As far as the rest of our vendors we have also succeeded in using natural packaging and eliminating time of delivery, collaborating mostly with local, organic farms.

Eliminating our Trash.

We have succeeded in reducing the size of our trash cans by reducing most of our packaging to compostables and recyclables.

Education of our employees.  

We keep educating and training our employees on recycling, composting, use of re-usables e.t.c. and we are all excited about this business move and culture so we hope to be helpful in answering all of your questions and play our part in environmental sustainability.

Reducing Energy Waste.

Mostly using electric power coming from our solar panels we have succeeded in keeping our restaurant running with ‘green energy’. We have also invested in reconstructions that can provide a use of the sun. We have replaced all possible appliances with modern, energy saving ones.

Most important of all: 
we do not rest. We always try to become better in what we do, 
both in service and in conscience.

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