The farm

Based on a healthy diet and fresh ingredients that the Cretan soil can provide, we created our very own organic farm in the neighborhood of Vitsilia in Malia. In an area of 10,000 sq.m. you will discover more than 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables, different types of trees, vines, fresh herbs and also happy chickens producing our free range eggs.

Inside the farm there is also a special composting structure, a traditional wine press, a dryer for sun-dried tomatoes and drying figs, a greenhouse, a traditional raki distillery and of course a wood-fired oven and barbecue.

Our crops are grown with respect for the environment, so that by taking pure ingredients we create healthy, delicious and special recipes for our restaurants.

With the farm to table philosophy and vice versa, we are returning a large percentage of the processing, but also of the table food remains back to the farm as food for our animals or through composting as organic fertilizer for our plants, significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

Our farm is open every day and we cordially encourage you to visit for a tour to observe where many of our ingredients originate, or collect and enjoy some of them under the cool shade of our 100+ years old carob trees with the sound of running water.

For more details about different tours and hours please ask at the restaurants or call.  

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