Notos lager is the new local bottled beer added to our list

Notos Gold Lager

Fresh, local, crafted beer

Forget about what you knew so far about lagers. This is something particular. This is a crafted beer, a “craft lager”.
Carefully designed recipe, exact percentances of basic, aromatic and caramelized malts, the sole use of one variety of hops and the diversification of the proccess during brewing, give to Notos Gold Lager its distinctive colour and aroma, full body and balanced bitterness.
Re-brewing in bottle and maturemation in low temperatures give an additional characteristic to it making it special.

No additives, no conservatives, no artificial colours … no lies!

No rare ingredients, not brewd under the moonlight, not bottled by elfs …

100% barley malt, water, hops (Styrian Golding) and yeast. A craft lager as it should be!


Notos Brewery


A few words about the packaging

Notos is the greek word for south (or southern), and so the design was based on the compass. The white color chosen for the label and cup to make it distinguish, since it is not commonly used in beer industry, it is also depicting the purity and the uniqueness of the product. Red details were added to pay tribute to our hometown’s past, refering to the Minoan Era. As the four friends owning the brewery mention: “making a dream come true isn’t so easy. It takes a long time of designing and effort, passion, unbreakable friendship, love for our hometown and persistence in our goal so that the first microbrewery be born in Heraklion. Notos Brewery exclusively uses Greek malt. The best quality of hops and yeast are being carefully picked and they are all combined with fresh Cretan water, in order to create fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer of high quality. A refreshing blonde beer, hazed in its natural state, with a rich taste and discreet hop aroma. Brewed in the traditional way and bottle conditioned, it is a short term life beer without any additives and conservatives”.

Creative Agency: Ioannis Ikonomakis

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