Ceramics, board games and percussion


Knossos game is the ancient board game discovered by Evans in the Palace of Knossos and goes back to 1600 BC.

It is a “race game”, but at the same time something more. It portrays an ancient symbolism about life and the trip to Hades with a return back to life. A gap between the two parts of the board was supposed to be the River-Ocean that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead, to be found far beyond the sea, where the Sun descends.
This game is ceramic, handmade, painted with liquid clay slips (engobes) and fired at high temperature. Comprises the board, 10 powns, a six sided die, a leather pouch for storing the powns and a booklet with the complete game rules in English and in Greek.
Dimentions: length 40cm, width 23.5cm, height 3cm, weight 3.5kg.
Found among other unique ceramic board games on tetraktis studio