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Our own craft beers

Our Beera Brewing our own recipes of 4 different craft beers, 2 kinds of bottled beer - Pilsner & Weiss - and 2 on draught - Hazy & Dunkel Weiss. ‘Beera’ in Greek literally means beer. But the story behind the name is that bee is the symbol of Malia* and honey is an ingredient […]

Home dry aged beef steaks

What is dry aged beef? When you see a side of beef hanging dry-aging, let's face it: it's not looking delicious. You wonder: "is it safe? Why won't it rot?" And lastly: "should I pay more for that beef?" Almost all beef used to be dry-aged. In the past, beef was slaughtered in a central […]


We are not sure whether BBQ was created for beer or beer for BBQ Following this motto, beer has a special place in our menu with seven draughts and a wide range of bottled lagers and ales, from the Greek microbreweries along with well known labels from abroad to take off the BBQ experience See […]

23 years of operation with

“more beer please!!” This year we have added a large number of bottled lagers, pilsners and ales in addition to our 6 barrels of draught. One could say we will have a beer feast this year! From Greek microbreweries our own! BeeRA Pilsner | 5% vol. | 1 lt (available per glass too)our own! BeeRA […]

Travelers’ top tips to pack smart

Pack light to travel light. If you can manage with a carry-on, do it. Try taking half of the things you need and twice the money. You can make buying a few new items a fun part of the adventure. Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. These can come in handy on a plane, […]

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We are social! Whether you were a one time visitor or a returning guest Thank you for visiting the Red Lion We would like to stay in touch with you. Please like and follow our pages to access our news and articles. We keep updating! Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Follow us […]

Ceramics, board games and percussion

Knossos game is the ancient board game discovered by Evans in the Palace of Knossos and goes back to 1600 BC. It is a “race game”, but at the same time something more. It portrays an ancient symbolism about life and the trip to Hades with a return back to life. A gap between the […]