Holidays in Malia?

Malia is an idyllic place of holidays, lively and wild! but keep in mind these few tips when you hang out.

  • Respect the locals and the law…
    … as you would back home. Even though the Greeks are relaxed and open minded, the laws are similar to the E.U. laws, so respect in order to get respect and don’t do anything that you are not allowed to do at your country.
  • “Laughing gas balloons” is a new craze happening not only in Crete. Although not illegal yet they are very dangerous for your health. If someone offers you the best thing to do is to avoid. Read more here
  • Transport
    Every year there are thousands of quad and motorbike accidents, surely you don’t want to be the next. Don’t drive after drinking – there are always some good guys called ‘taxi drivers’ easily found.
  • Excursions / events etc
    Be a careful buyer and always read the terms and conditions of what you buy.